Sudestasi Contemporanea is an art adventure, a journey that starts with some certainty but also the pleasant feeling of jumping into the unknown. We are enthusiastic about the beauty of our territory, whether original or adopted, and this is from where we want to start our journey. We also know that we are outsiders from the major art circuits, but we think that islanders, being isolated, alien and different always have something else and more to say and contribute.  We’re convinced that art’s power of imagination is the only way to conquer cultural and geographical distances between individuals. We’re open to influences from and synergies with other realities which gaze towards technical experimentations as a cornerstone of their artistic development. We aspire to live contemporaneity as a mixture of cultures without giving up or forgetting our identity. We want to stop complaining about the lack of public art spaces and instead risk it on our own!  


Born in Ragusa on January 4th 1978, he graduated from the Università della Tuscia di Viterbo, faculty of cultural Heritage conservation with a specialization in “History of sketching, engraving and graphic design” with Luigi Ficacci. Since 2004 he regularly collaborates with the ICG (Central Institute of Grafica) in Rome, first as a conscientious objector under the guidance of Luigi Ficacci in the department of “Contemporary Art” (2004-2005), then as a freelance collaborator in the “Diagnostic workshop for printing plates” under the direction of Giuseppe Trassari Filippetto and within the department “Calcoteca” under the direction of Ginevra Mariani. Since 2009, he’s also been restorating some copper engravings from G.B. Piranesi, collaborating within the Progetto Piranesi 2010-2020 under the direction of Ginevra Mariani. As a part of this project, he’s been carrying out a study for the last few years of the engravings found on the back of all the plates made by Piranesi and conserved within the ICG. First results of this study have been published in Giambattista Piranesi. Matrici incise 1756-1757, under the direction of Ginevra Mariani, Gabriele Mazzotta, Milano, 2014, pp. 57-64.